Currahee Waste Products
Now available in 9,11 and 13 yard sizes
- Pre - Crushes in Hopper
- Swing link packer design, no slides, tracks, or rollers
- Single lever packer control
- Even load height to chassis rail
- Packer cycle time of 18 sec.
- Flat floor design body
- Rugged full stroke ejection cylinder
- Full welded body and tailgate 
- 1000 lb per Cubit yard
                                                          Body Specifications
Body Gauges
 - Floor, Side Walls and Roof - 10 Gauge 80K GR
Tail Gate Gauges
 - Side walls- 10 gauge 80K GR, Hopper 1/4 AR Plate, Packer Face 3/16 80K GR and Link Shield 3/16 80K GR
Body Width 82'', Length 204", Height 73", Tail Gate Opening Width 66"

Tail Gate Packer Cylinder 4" Bore 2" Rod
Link Cylinder 4.5" Bore 2" Rod

Hyd. Oil Reservoir 50 gal. Inside Body

Filter - 10 Micron Return Line

Auto Lock Tail Gate Latches

LED Lighting on Body
Appx. 8000 lbs Body Weight
Trash being dumped in hopper.
Trash being pre- crushed in hopper.
Trash being packed in body.